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Summer Break

May 22, 2021

Hey there, here I am with a quick update. 📰

I officially finished my Spring 2021 semester at Georgia Tech with my class in Human Computer Interaction, and I gotta confirm that overall it's been an enjoyable experience that allowed me to further expand my knowledge in the UX field and gave me such a broader perspective on things.

Although the time commitment was significant because of the amount of weekly writing/reading involved, the fact that I worked remotely for those past few months due to the COVID restrictions in Italy helped my manage the workload much more efficiently, and I was able to carry on without excessive efforts/sacrifices.

I am taking the summer off for now, though, since I really feel like it's time for a short "break" to pause and unwind for a bit in order to (hopefully) start with a new energy for the Fall 2021 term.

I think I will probably choose the AI, Ethics, & Society class since I find the ethics implications of AI to be a profoundly interesting topic whose references we're constantly being bombarded with in our everyday lives.

Stay tuned for more updates, and cheers! 👋