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My Adobe internship

Nov 11, 2018

Hey there!

It's been such a long time since my last blog post, so I felt like I had to make up for it and now here I am typing on the same old keyboard but with so many new stories to tell!

Those past few months have been extremely hectic and intense, and the New York Internship with Adobe turned out to be such an incredible learning experience whose impact proved to be crucial from many standpoints, both professionally and humanly speaking.

I think overall I changed a lot, being on my own for three months in the big 🍏 has shaped my thoughts and ideals in ways I would have never imagined before and I feel blessed for having had this amazing opportunity.

I was able to work with an awesome team (thank you Smashers!) on many different projects, and was able to understand a lot more about Bēhance as a platform and about all the incredible efforts that are being put into such an ambitious product.

Working with such a huge codebase was kinda hard to get used to at the beginning, but everybody has been truly supportive and helpful towards me throughout this journey as a Front-End Dev Intern and so I could really enjoy the whole process (struggles included!).

I learnt about the importance of details, and how being precise and meticulous when it comes to working with a product that's being used every day by millions of users can truly make a significant difference.

In addition to that, a genuine inclination towards team-work is undoubtedly the #1 skill to have, and cooperating with all the various teams proved to be truly vital not just in terms of time efficiency but because it is the key to success for every company that wants to last.

Having shared core values to abide by in a company means that the work can be carried out more effortlessly and smoothly, and that everybody is more likely to be on the same page and happy about the way things are handled in general.

So thank you again Adobe for giving me this chance to experience what it's like to work for one of the top Software companies in the world, and to feel part of something bigger, to be an active team player whose small contribution can still have a tangible impact on the user experience of millions of people.