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Goodbye 2019

Dec 31, 2019

What a year.

2019 has truly been such an eventful year for multiple reasons.

It has allowed me to grow in ways I'd have never imagined, both as Developer and more in general as an aspiring human being 👽.

Having had a chance to visit the US again to spend three months as a UX Engineer at Mailchimp was an incredible opportunity, which I am so grateful for and that has broaden my perspective on so many topics (e.g the power of Accessibility, User-centered design, the importance of effective communication, the value of humility, the listen hard/change fast mentality) and the awesome people in my team all helped me visualize so vividly what can be achieved through hard-work ad dedication.

In 2020 I really wanna treasure and harness the power of the experiences I was able to live throughout this past year, to build new powerful resources and follow the path of creativity and personal development.

Setting very specific goals at this point could be rather counterproductive, so for now I am just gonna try to become a better version of myself and stick to this goal which is going to act as a daily reminder/ambition.

Also, if you're reading this I just wanna say thank you (and Merry Christmas!)