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Fall 2021 Updates

Sep 05, 2021

Hey there, figured it was about time to come back here with a few quick updates. 📰

In my previous blog post, I had mentioned that I was planning to take the 'AI, Ethics & Society' class for my Fall 2021 semester at Georgia Tech (OMSCS program).

However, due to how the *priority system* for classes works for 'new' students I wan't able to reserve a spot, and that's why I had to pick another class which (as this blog post title already suggests) is related to Cybersecurity (Intro to Info Security, a.k.a. IIS).

I gotta say that I am quite excited about this nonetheless, since I had never had a chance to dive into cybersecurity as a CS field during my undergrad, so this is a good chance to brush up on my C programming skills and put on a hacker hat! 🤓

Understanding al least the basic of cybersecurity is something incredibly valuable nowadays, and hopefully this class will make me more aware about some of the various types of cyberattacks and how they are actually carried out in different scenarios.

I will make sure to do a sort of course review at the end of the semester, so that it might turn out to be useful for someone who's considering attending this class during upcoming semesters.

In the meantime, stay tuned & keep on coding! 📻